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10, Social Club Road, New Oko-Oba, Lagos


It is nearly impossible for a child to pass through our educational system and not develop dexterity in at least one skill. We expand the mental capacity and train the hands on of our students on diverse skills.
The combination of these leaves our students with durable self-confidence and will power.


“We bring out the latent in them”

A unique feature of life at Mictec is the provision of Day House accommodation for pupils and students of all ages. Mictec International School is well known for the quality of its pastoral care. The school chaplain provides support, understanding and spiritual advice to pupils and students when required. The school chaplain is available on Wednesdays for pastoral care, while Fridays are dedicated for individual or personal development through spiritual-moulding activities relating to personal life experiences.

In preparing our students for various external examinations, the students are properly counselled and guided by the appropriate unit.

  • Remedial classes are organised for slow learners, in the form of after-school coaching and weekend classes.
  • Early morning classes are organised for those preparing for external examinations
  • Leadership Development for all learners from Year 1 to 12 students, while Entrepreneurship classes are included for Year 7 – 12 students.
  • Mentoring Classes for Year 7 – 12 hold every Tuesday
  • Ballet Club
  • Home Makers (Garment Making, Beads, Catering, Accessories making etc)
  • Music Club (Keyboard and Violin Club)
  • Swimming Club
  • Taekwondo.
  • Aerobics
  • JETS  Club
  • Press Club
  • French Club
  • Drama Club
  • Literary and Debating Club
  1. Coding and Animation Club
  2. JETS Club
  3. Literary & Debating Club
  4. Press/Creative Writing  Club
  5. Home Makers Club
  6. Young Readers Club
  7. Mathematics Club
  8. Creative and Cultural Arts Club


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